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Why do we do what we do?

Some of you will ask yourself why we do what we do? Why we decided to do all this.  We have been researching everyday for the past 2 months non stop.  We see posts on social media each day of people, desperate people who can’t find jobs, so they turn to technology for answers.  Then you get those people that post “at home data entry work”.  And sadly a lot of people fall for those ads and most of the time they lose their  money.  Yes everyone says “do your research before sending anyone money for online jobs”, well that is easier said than done.  Especially if you are not tech savvy or just don’t know what to look out for.  

So let me tell you why we started this website.  It is to help our fellow South-Africans not to fall victim to those ads anymore.  We want to give them the tools to go and do research on people and sites.  We want them to move forward in life.  We feel that this information must be freely available to all.  So walk this journey with us.

Willie Brits
Leonie Brits

Hi, we are Willie and Leonie Brits

Hi, we are Willie and Leonie Brits, the owners, Editors, Website designers and Video editors of Information Hub.  We are normal people, wanting to help our fellow South-Africans

About us-Our Vision, Mission and Values

Vision: As Information Hub is to expand your knowledge of online work and everything that goes along with it. And give people with a great gift a platform where they can expose themselves.

Mission: From the beginning is to make information universally accessible to all. We consider it a privilege to be able to help, as technology continues to evolve. To show that one helping hand can make a difference.

Values: To be totally transparent in everything we put out there and never to sugar coat the truth to make you feel better.

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