The Income Solution South Africa(Tissa cc)

The Income Solution South Africa(Tissacc)We were asked by someone to review Tissa cc, and what we found were mind blowing. As i am writing this, i feel sick to my stomach, to think that you get people like that.

So who and what is Tissa cc

Tissa stands for The Income Solution South Africa. This is an affiliate Marketing “Company”.

Packages that they offer

This is the packages Tissa cc have

Datahub Copy and Paste- R440

My @home Career R480

Servey 365- R280 once off but then you need to pay R55 per month. This is the first time ever i see that you need to pay anything to do surveys.

Once you become a member, you will be introduced to affiliate marketing and they will show you the paid survey sites you can find.

They then will “teach” you how to “advertise” jobs on Gumtree, Olx, and other free classified ads, to collect email addresses from people who are looking for work. You will then fill in those emails in Exel Sheets and send it to Tissa.

Datahub Copy and Paste

There is nothing special about Datahub Copy and Paste system. They will show you to sign up with and start promoting the product and services for another ventors, and so you earn commission.

Survey 365

The show you Survey sites to join. But you have to pay a to do the survey. R280 once off and here is the catch, R55 per month. If you really want to do Surveys there are a lot of free sites you can go and join. But i will not recommend anyone to do Surveys. It’s a waist of time and data. And 99% of the time they can get your personal details.

Tissa claims you can earn R850 per day. Come on are you serious!! If that was true, wouldn’t we all be doing it?

We went as far back as 2013 and let me tell you there are a lot of complaints against them. They use some strategies to keep their reviews good, but more about that later on.

This review might look like all the others that we have done so far. But, in my opinion this one is much worse.

First we started with the owner. We can’t find him on Google, and his Facebook page is also basically non-existed. I always wonder why a owner of a successful “business” will disappear. Now a days we all are on the internet, so we leave a digital footprint. But with this one we walked into a brick wall.

When i say we search everywhere, i mean everywhere. According to their website and Facebook site, their address is 20 Buffeldoorn ave Stargate Business centre, Klerksdorp. What a coincidence, as we also live in Klerksdorp. So my husband went to this address, seeing that we know exactly where it is. And as we suspected no sign of Tissa cc anywhere. We searched more and yet again found another address for them, but as far as we can see that is a residential address, no business there.

This photo was taken this morning the 26 March 2020. This is the Stargate Business Centre, 20 Buffeldoorn ave Klerksdorp.

stargate business centre

This is the address and picture they gave.

tissa cc

They have telephone numbers listed in Gauteng, Cape Province en Kwazulu-Natal. However they don’t have a number for Klerksdorp. Strange seeing that, that is where their “business”is. But to no surprise to us, none of them are even ringing. If you visit their Facebook page you will see they have a lot of “technical difficulties”. Gosh i wonder why? From what i can see they changed their name 4 times. That is a very big red flag for me. Because why would they do that?

So my husband tried to get them to reply to us but as of time of post(17:16) we are still waiting for a reply. We also emailed them but yet again we are waiting for a reply.

Tissa cc their personal facebook page

They claim to be registered with tax, but when we searched their tax nr in sars e-filing, they did not have any record of it. We even did a company registration search on businesses in Klerksdorp, not once did the name Tissa cc or The Income Solution South Africa come up.

For every bad review they get, they get 10 more good reviews. So that is a good thing, right? Wrong, because from what i have seen the new members are told to give a good review on the Facebook page, before they even start to work, or receive their first payment. So yet again i sit with these questions of why would a “company” do things like that?

All of their websites are not secured, which means that they could get all your personal information to use as they like.


What is my opinion on Tissa cc?

My honest opinion about Tissa cc, based upon everything that we found, is that

Tissa cc is one big scam. When things get to hot for them they “pack up and leave”, change their name and hope no one will find them. I will not recommend this site to anyone, ever.

Please not we tried to contact them via their facebook page and by email, seeing none of the telephone numbers work, up until now, there were no response from them.

tissa cc busted
road sign, scam

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  1. I was scammed x3 before I just started to look at them as my daughter in law started with them the VIP package deal! Best I warn her! It seems that nowhere I can get work from home to add to my Hubby’s government pension which is not a liveable income. Every month we have to decide what to pay and food is always last on the list. I’m so tired of people exploiting those who are genuinly struggling what a shame we can’t name and shame the people responsible with photos of faces!

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