WordPress is the best of the best

What is wordpress?

WordPress is the simplest, most popular way to create your own website or blog. In fact WordPress powers over 35.2% of all the websites on the internet. Yes – more than one in four websites that you visit are likely powered by wordpress.

WordPress is absolutely free to download. Think of it as a mobile phone with all the aps.

On WordPress you get things like plugins, that is basically the site’s “apps”. And to make things so much easier it has Templates that you can either choose one for one or you can choose do inport the entire “site’, so then you can just go and edit it the way you want to.

We will show you exactly how and where to do that.

Now you will have to decide what you want to do. Meaning do you want a normal webpage or do you want a blog, like ours. So what’s the difference?

To find out how you can create your own WordPress website, follow the link wordpress-tutorial-step-by-step


The difference between a page and a post.

A Page

A page do not have a publish date and are meant for static, timeless content. So what that means is that it does not really change. Two common examples of content that should be a page on your site is “Contact” or “about” pages. This is where the first time we were not doing things correctly, we had no idea what the difference between a page and post was, so everything was such a mess. I will put in photos so that you can see the difference between a page and a post.

This is what a page look like


A Post

A post is like a blog. A post have an official publish date and are displayed by date or name on your site’s blog page. We will show you how to categorize you posts so and link them to one another.

We will also show you how to create a Call-to-action button. What that means is that there are going to be a button that says “read more” or “contact us”. That just tells your visitors what you want them to do, without actually telling them. And so you make it easier for them to navigate through your site.

This is a example of a post

recent posts

This is a example of a call-to-action button

call to action button
call to action button


What is Copyright?

It is a legal means of protecting an author’s work. It is a type of intellectual property that provides exclusive publication, distribution, and usage rights for the author.

But we are going to show you a free site where you can download images on and how to insert in on you website. If you want to design a logo for your website and are not sure how and where to go we will show you the site that we use. Its easy and of course it’s free.

Cookies on your website

Why is it important?

The single most important job of a cookie is to keep a user logged in as they browse from page to page. A user’s browsing history becomes part of a database which the website then uses to improve the customer experience.

What are Cookies on a website

Cookies are messages that web servers pass to your web browser when you visit internet sites. Your browser stores each message in a small file, called cookie text. That are the small box you see when you go into a website for the first time, and it says “this site is using cookies. Accept or decline”.

What are the do’s and dont’s when it comes to Cookies.

I don’t need a cookie banner.

A rule, cookies collect data irrespective of intended use, which is more important than ever to provide users with information. The website operator is therefore obliged to inform users of the website, about the collection and processing of his or her personal data. Since most cookies may only be loaded with prior consent of the user, a cookie banner should not only provide information, but also obtain the explicit consent of the user.

Criteria for compliant consent


Accept and reject button.

Consent is voluntary if the person has genuine freedom of choice in his or her decision. It is precisely this voluntary nature that is interpreted narrowly by the courts and authorities. There must be an accept or reject button. The user have the possibility to refuse data processing and still use the service or website.

Recently i went to a website, i am not going to say who’s it was. And i saw, before i could get into the website, is should fill in all my personal details like, Name, Surname, Email and even my telephone number. I managed to go to their Terms and Conditions, and there it was. Their Cookies, not even in a banner. So they are not giving you the choice to accept or reject. That is not the way to do it. You can’t force people to fill out their personal information before they can make use of your website.

And i am sure it goes against the POPI act. The Protection Of Personal Information.

But we are here to show you how to add a cookie banner on your website so that you don’t land in hot water some or other time. We will also be showing you how to insert Terms and Conditions. Basically dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s.

cookies, laptop, yes or no


What is Elementor

Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder plug-in for WordPress.

Elementor lets you create original-looking posts and pages that are unique.

You get a 100% separate interface to work on your post and pages.

It doesn’t require any HTML/CSS/PHP/ coding skills.

It works on the front end of your website, meaning it shows you the outcomes of your work right away in a genuine “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” manner.

You can use it to create any content layout or page layout you can imagine – regardless of what your current WordPress theme allows you to do.

And most importantly, it works with all WordPress themes, so you can keep your current design and still get all of the goodies Elementor comes with.

Putting it all together, the main benefit of using Elementor is that you can create impressive page layout/designs, even if you’re not a professional nor have any experience with site building.

Features and Benefits

Elementor comes equipped with a handful of useful elements.

First there’s a main page building functionality itself

There are more than 90 content elements/modules to choose from.

Most things works with drag-and-drop, you can take any element and move it to a new spot simply by dragging it across the screen

What-you-see-is-what-you-get which means the version of the page uou see, is precisely what your visitors will see.

The pages are mobile-responsive and SEO-friendly.

There’s a library of pre-made page templates that can be imported and modified.

Elementor Pricing

Is it free?

Yes it is free but you have a choice to go Pro. But that can get a bit pricey, and in my own opinion you can do just as much on the free one than on the Pro version.

Is Elementor any good.

Yes, absolutely. Elementor is the most advanced page builder on the market. With regular updates, reliable drag and drop innovative features, both free and paid products are excellent.

elementor banner

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